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This is how we had introduced the birthday prayer idea in 2006. Finally 581 hours of prayer were reached.
the status of the present
in hours
800 year anniversary for Dresden

A birthday present for Dresden

Dresden is becoming 800 years old. In 1206 Dresden was
mentioned for the first time in documents.
And: to every birthday there are birthday presents

We want to bless Dresden with a beautiful present:
We seak for the wellbeing of our city, that the people feel
good and that peace, security, protection and prosperity
mark out Dresden.

As we christians knowingly have a good link to the boss
of the universe, we want to use this link a lot for our
present and give much prayer to Dresden as a present:

800 hours of prayer - 1 hour for every year!
Of course we do not manage this on our own, but want to
offer the possibility to many people - near and far - to
take part in the present.

Whoever wants to join can take over times of prayer for
Dresden, praying by himself or as a group.
This initiative runs during the year of 2006.


here are a few ideas, how to participate:

simply: praying for Dresden; proclaiming Jesus’ name;
praying, that people find god, find life
prayerwalking in the city: walking through the city,
praying at important buildings and places for the people, the
leaders, musicians etc. Consider visiting - a prayer journey
with the prayer group or cell group: discover Dresden by
preparing a session on Dresden in your group, pray together.
keep well informed: You might not access newspapers
covering Dresden - often inspiring prayers - but you can
retrieve information through the Dresden websites or stay in
contact with us!
There are no limits to you creativity - just put it into action.
Best to do it right now.

To really be able to put together these times of prayer
as such a present to Dresden, we ask every participant
to tell or email us, how much share he wants to take over
(in hours or minimum in half-hours) or has prayed already.

By email to:
or phone/fax: +49-351-8010427
lebendigerstrom.dd - gebet
Kai und Cornelia Wurster


Some more prayer topics for Dresden

Some information Websites for Dresden
(this section is still under construction)

the official Website of the city of Dresden

die Website of the 800th anniversary of Dresden:

Dresden has been elected city of science for 2006:

The website of the Frauenkirche, the reconstructed church of
ladies. In 2006, many church music concerts will take place
including all the organ music written by J.S.Bach

Dresdner public transport website

Website of the airport of Dresden

A first information about the twin cities of Dresden:
Wroclaw (Poland), Brazzaville (Congo), Columbus (Ohio US),
Coventry (UK), Florenz (Italy), Hamburg (Germany), Ostrava
(Czech rep.), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Salzburg (Austria),
St. Petersburg (Russia), Skopje (Macedonia),
Straßburg (France)

There are many churches in Dresden. The Website of the
evangelical alliance contains much information and Links

the program of the churches in the anniversary year

further Links you can find on our page "Friends"